The Mind-Body Connection: 4 Simple Concepts to Adopt For Positive Change.

Does your mindset interfere with your mental and physical well-being?

We've all said it... "mind over matter."

But do your thoughts and attitude really have an impact on your body?

As a kid, I remember feeling entranced as I watched a man on the television bend a spoon with just the power of his mind. I can't say if what I observed was real or not, but as a child, I was incredibly fascinated by it— I still am.

It's human nature to be intrigued by things that we don't quite understand. Another example of mind over matter you may be familiar with is firewalking.

In short firewalking is when someone walks across a bed of hot coals with their bare feet, and this rite of passage occurs worldwide, even today.

Most people who have participated in a firewalking ritual report they felt no discomfort during or after the ceremony and often don have any visible signs of burning from the coals.

How Do Thoughts Control Action

So, what makes entire cultures of people from various walks of life able to do things that could seriously harm others?

All of them have one thing in common… they believe.

Science substantiates the belief in "mind over matter" within something called the placebo effect.

What is a Placebo?

A placebo study is where drug manufacturers test pharmaceutical drugs against a sugar pill (the placebo).

Test subjects don't know whether they received a placebo or the actual drug being studied. The unbiased results are then reviewed and analyzed for each group.

Placebo studies are mandated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) when testing new pharmaceutical drugs, and not surprisingly, placebos are increasingly beating out pharmaceuticals.

We can surmise from this that if someone is positive enough, a drug will work… it sometimes does, even when the "drug" is sugar.

Epigenetics & the Power of Perspective

Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., is a developmental biologist highly revered in the holistic health community. Dr. Lipton is known best for his groundbreaking cellular biology and epigenetics research.

Epigenetics is the study of how your behaviors and environment can alter the way your genes express themselves.

In his book, The Biology of Belief, Dr. Lipton explains that genes do not completely control biology. What's more, cellular interpretations of the environment are significant in the biological process.

In simple terms, that means that the cells in your body react to the environment around you.

Dr. Lipton says in his book:

“Suddenly I realized that a cell's life is controlled by the physical and energetic environment and not by its genes.
Genes are simply molecular blueprints used in the construction of cells, tissues, and organs.
The environment serves as a "contractor" who reads and engages those genetic blueprints and is ultimately responsible for the character of a cell's life.
It is a single cell's "awareness" of the environment, not its genes, that sets into motion the mechanisms of life.”

Let’s look a little bit deeper.

DNA Methylation

This process happens by way of receptor proteins. These proteins extract information from the environment and relay it to the cell's effector proteins, creating a domino effect known as DNA Methylation.

Environmental factors such as diet, stress and aging can cause a cellular breakdown that represses the correlated promoter cells, allowing those environmental components to influence the gene.

These changes can be heritable, which means you could create an illness or wellness gene that you can potentially pass on to your children. It also means that you can change your inherited genes.

In a nutshell, perception and the environment significantly impact our health.

The Power of Intent

More and more, science seems to validate what shamans, energy healers and alternative practitioners have understood for centuries. That our bodies and minds work together, thus the terminology "body-mind" and "mind-body." These terms indicate wholeness; therefore, we should be referring to the mind-body as a singular entity.

I will for the remainder of this article.

Now that we've demonstrated that we actually have the capacity to alter our physical experiences with our minds, how can we use it to improve our physical and mental health?

The answer is by consistently and consciously redirecting our subconscious mind to focus on what we want and by creating an environment conducive to those wants and needs.

Why Self-Responsibility is Key

Before I reveal the 4 Simple Concepts to Adopt for Positive Change, let's talk about how self-responsibility plays a crucial role in whether or not we can successfully shift our mind-body health.

Self-responsibility requires a tremendous amount of introspection. Regular introspection facilitates the development of our soul's "G.P.S"— strengthening our intuition and capacity to tune in to the world around us. This Introspective honing is a lifelong process.

It doesn't matter if you want to focus on mental or physical health because you should always focus on both. We've already established they work together. The ability to initiate epigenetic and subconscious changes relies heavily on personal accountability and effort.

You are your own healer.

As a society so entranced and influenced by the world around us, we often lose sight of our significance, which unfortunately creates a culture of complacency. As a result, we surrender our health and lives to others.

Mass complacency isn't working out very well for us. Instead, it destroys the very essence of who we are supposed to be. Self-responsibility is both liberating and empowering.

4 Simple Concepts to Adopt for Positive Change

Here are four simple shifts you can adopt to begin taking your power back and finally make those positive changes you want to see in your life.

Acquire An Attitude of Gratitude

Start paying attention to the people and situations that make you happy in your day-to-day life and embrace and value them.

It's really easy to disregard all the little things and people in the everyday experiences you may take for granted.

Slow down and take a moment to feel the warmth and comfort those moments can bring you.

Focus on what you have, and don't hesitate to thank your friends and loved ones. Verbalizing your appreciation not only strengthens it energetically, but it plants seeds of gratitude and increases positive energy and vibration for others around you.

The more you focus on gratitude the happier you become.

Think and Speak Positive—Act “As If "

Now that we know thoughts are powerful, learn to act “ as if ” you already have what you want and know it's on the way. If you want that promotion or new business, imagine yourself already having it.

The more we hold the vibration of appreciation and positivity, the more we see ourselves having the life, health and relationships we want, the more we bring those things into reality.

The better we feel, the more we attract and initiate the changes we want to see.

So, if you're tired of living in an unhealthy or stressed-out state, tell yourself you’re ready to move on and start to imagine yourself feeling better and more comfortable. Then, physically and mentally, take action towards the outcome you want.

Take the time to Decompress

Positive emotions like love or self-love stimulate dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and growth hormones. Love feeds and heals the body.

Try spending some time loving on yourself and decompressing from all of life's unavoidable stressors.

Here are a few things you can do to help alleviate stress:

  • Take a bubble bath

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Listen to music

  • Mindful, slow breathing

  • Exercise

  • Get out in nature

  • Tapping

  • Get a massage or perform self-massage

  • Diffuse calming essential oils

  • Spend time with animals

  • Develop a hobby

  • Have a spa day or do some self-pampering

Care for your body inside and out

  1. Eat whole-clean foods instead of processed foods. Your mind-body works best when it's not stressed due to toxin accumulation and malnourishment. Our repair processes require fuel only obtained through a balanced diet. But, just as important, these processes are hindered by eating an imbalanced diet.

  2. Use natural products for cleaning and on your skin as much as possible. Remember, the more toxins your body has to clean up, the busier it is doing damage control, and the less time it has to regenerate and create!

  3. Drink the right amount of clean filtered water. You should be consuming half your body weight in ounces of water daily. You should also make sure that the water you are drinking is free from toxic chemicals. Drink spring water or get a water filtration system.

  4. Take time to detox your body. Of course, you can take advantage of tons of detox programs, but you can do some simple things too. For example, daily 12-hour fast, consuming fulvic and humic acid in eight ounces of water every morning and purging the intestinal tract with a colonic every couple of months can be very beneficial in removing built-up toxins in your body.

Consider your everyday thoughts and habits and include this new perspective.

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