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Get Unstuck From Diet Madness

With so much conflicting information nowadays, it's hard to know what to believe and what not to believe. Do you jump from one diet to the next trying to be healthy, but nothing sticks?

You are not alone! Diets are for quitters. Learn fundamental techniques to move from dieter to healthy living advocate.  


The problem is one needs to address all aspects of the body and mind to succeed.  The body and mind are a unit also know as one body-mind or mind-body.   Feeling good is the fuel that propels positive change.


Just by making a few core shifts, you'll start to gain the momentum you need to change your life.

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The  Takeaway...

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A Beginners Handbook:

Understanding the Food Your Body Needs to Heal

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Learn All You Need to Know to Get You Started Down Your Healing Path

It doesn't matter whether you're facing serious health challenges or just imagine a more nourishing lifestyle. The Beginner's Handbook teaches you the core elements of nutritional healing. 


But that isn't all. Learn how to apply those core elements to your lifestyle and eating habits through the path of least resistance. Healthy isn't feeling deprived and unhappy!  

Vegan, AIP, Paleo, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Nightshade Free With Recipes 

One of the hardest things people on healing diets go through is figuring out how to enjoy food again on a restricted diet.


Eat to Heal 101 may be one of the only guides on the market addressing all of these issues together. Find longtime healing solutions and food alternatives from the nutritional needs of a vegan/vegetarian to nightshade-free recipes.  



Then take the leap...work with me one-on-one.


 Eat to Heal 101  is included when you purchase of three or more coaching sessions for FREE.


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The Basics—learn the basic framework for building a self-healing body. Learn about whole foods, the Mind-body, super-foods, and the Do's and Don't's of nutrition.

Organic Food VS In-Organic Food

Macronutrients Explained—Understanding: Carbohydrates, Fats, and Proteins.

Low GI Sweeteners and Sugar Alternatives

Vegan/Vegetarian must-haves; be sure to include the proper vitamins if you are on a vegetarian or vegan diet. This chapter breaks down the necessities and lists foods that supply these nutrients.

Healing Recipes and Recipes For Those On Restricted Diets—including AIP, Vegetarian, Vegan, Low Histamine, Gluten-Free, and Sugar-Free. 

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