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My name is Amanda, and I am a holistic nutrition  & herbal coach, writer and natural health advocate. 

I'm passionate about functional nutrition, bio-hacking, mind-body sciences, and living from the land.


Nature is my pharmacy, my grocery store, and my muse.  I love learning, growing, and sharing my experiences right here and on social media, so be sure and follow me on those platforms, too, for more content.   


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Live & Heal Naturally

Nature provides everything we need to live and heal.  I have made it my life's mission to understand nature and our connection to it.  I live and heal my body by listening and following the natural order of life—the life designed for us by God and the universe.   The healthy, fulfilling life you want to live isn't as distant as you might think, and it's definitely not unattainable regardless of your circumstances.  The beautiful mind, body and soul you desire is within your reach.  All you have to do is receive it. 

  • Mushroom hunting, foraging; food from the land—organic and free.

  • Homegrown foods, prepping & storage

  • Explore Mind-body sciences

  • Understand your body & claim superior health + immunity for life 

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Naturally Inspired Articles

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'I must go to Nature disarmed of perspective and stretch myself like a large transparent canvas upon her in the hope that my submission being perfect, the imprint of a beautiful and useful truth would be taken. '

~ John Updike, The Centaur

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Pharmaceuticals and body part "junking" have become standard healthcare practice, and I believe it is unnecessary. 


Maybe, like me, you grew up hearing expressions like "it runs in the family" or "you're going to catch a cold." 


But in reality, you don't catch anything. Instead, you create a weakness within your body because of various imbalances.

Interesting fact; when given the right tools, the human body can actually heal, regenerate and correct faulty DNA.

The Truth About Modern Medicine

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The shocking yet undeniable truth is that when you nurture your body good food, vitamins, and minerals and remove unwanted toxins, it can repair itself and work the way it was designed to work. 

Simple nutrition shifts can help you become your best self, both inside and out.    Genetics indeed play a role in our health, but factors such as age, race and family background don't control everything.  We have the ability to override and... biohack our systems.  

Tattooed Boxer

Dr. Melina Roberts on Terrain Theory

Natural Healing Is Possible